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  1. See what Maryland Heights has to offer triathletes and see a welcome from the Mayor himself to the St. Louis Triathlon
  2. Nothing is better than a cool drink!! We got the water tested and we want the world to know how beautiful Creve Coeur Lake is!!
  3. Study your swim course BEFORE race morning. Knowledge is power!!
  4. Lots of races says those 2 magic words - "flat and fast" - but watch this and see with your own eyes how flat is really flat!!
  5. Want some help to the finish line and raise money for a great cause?? Check out TNT - you won't regret it!!
  6. Talk about an amazing example of human endurance. Desert runners and their fueling!!!
  7. Here's a way to support veterans AND stay in the endurance community. Get involved and check out team RWB!!
  8. Want to see how much easier bike corrals are to racks? Watch this.
  9. Excellent addition from our friends at Metro Power Yoga. Prevent injury, get stronger, do yoga!!
  10. Respect the wildlife and have a laugh on us!! :)
  11. One-of-a-kind in Triathlon. A full 360 degree video of the swim course featuring St. Louis's own Sally Drake!
  12. Got cycling questions? So do lots of people!! Watch this and learn from Paul Schon of Ironbrick Training!!
  13. Don't let the swim intimidate you. Sally Drake answers your questions!
  14. Protect your brain!! Watch what happens when this guy rides with no helmet.