Spectators, the unsung heros of the triathlon.  Without family and friends there to cheer us forward, the rigors of our sport would be far more difficult. 
The St. Louis Triathlon is dedicated to ensuring that these vital portions of our triathlon family are given opportunity to enjoy themselves while they wait for the next opportunity to see you fly by.  St. Louis Triathlon is proud to provide the following eminities:
  •  Sign making craft table for kids (this WILL be at Tremayne Shelter on Race morning!!)
  •  Food trucks so that spectators can have something to eat (click on pictures below for websites/menus)
  •  DJ providing music for your enjoyment
  •  More to come......
  •   Feel free to step away from transition and walk to Maryland Heights Expressway and Marin Avenue to see your cyclist zoom past!!!
So bring out those cow bells and noise makers. And check back soon for more info