1. Wht I Tri
    15 Mar, 2016
    Wht I Tri
    Congrats to all our swag winners.  The choice was EXTREMELY difficult.  Many stories were heartfelt, genuine, saddening, and/or hilarious.  Check out the stories below (in no particular order).  Thanks you to everyone who submitted for sharing and reminding me why I tri as well.  You inspire me. Michelle Coovert: The St. Louis Sprint Triathlon is the very first sprint triathlon in which I have ever registered. It's always been on my "bucket list," but I didn't have the courage or motivation to
    26 Feb, 2016
    All our participants who registered before 12/31/15 know that they will be receiving a little extra in their swag bag in the form of custom STL Tri socks from SockGuy. Do you want a pair - or a 2nd pair?? Here's you chance Send us an email to with the subject of "WHY I TRI". Tell us your story. Whether you are a veteran of triathlon or this is your first race, we want to hear what inspires you and what keeps you going to do this crazy thing of Swimming, Biking, AND Running.
  3. The Spectator's Contribution
    25 Jan, 2016
    The Spectator's Contribution
    So many people have to come together to produce a triathlon.  You need volunteers, municipal police and ambulance services, directors and workers, and of course participants.  And as we sing the praises of these people we sometimes forget that many of the folks who get participants to the start line and the finish line are our beloved spectators. These unsung heroes of racing are the ones who support us on bad days, congratulate us on good ones, and sit patiently as we traverse miles upon
  4. Standard Brewing Company
    12 Jan, 2016
    Standard Brewing Company Joining the Inaugural St. Louis Triathlon!!
    St. Louis is a BEER City.  Hops and barley run thick through our veins!!  Taking this rich culture in mind, we ensured that we included a pilsner in the swag bag.  We patted ourselves on the back, laughed heartily, and had a frosty beverage to celebrate our ingenuity.  Sadly, though, we made the important realization that an empty pilsner in a beer city is no good at all.  We retracted our back-patting, no longer laughed, stowed our frosty beverages and got to work.  In walked the hero of our
  5. STL Tri Finisher Medal
    05 Jan, 2016
    Inaugural St. Louis Triathlon Finisher Medal
    You know what we love about finisher medals at MSE Racing?  Everything!  We love when they put them around your neck, when you wear them at your post-race celebration, how they clink on your medal hanger, seeing them on others wondering if you finished before that person, and describing all the minute details to your friends as they stare at you in awe of you immense and intimidating physicality hanging on every word of your action packed race story (okay, may have made that last one up). All
  6. Racing hard? Loosen up!!
    29 Dec, 2015
    Racing hard? Loosen up!!
    More exciting news, more benefits for participants of the St. Louis Triathlon!! We are pleased to announce that Precision Health Group will be joining us for race day as our exclusive Missouri chiropractic partners!! What does this mean to participants? PHG will be supplying pre and post- race professional stretching and evaluations. Use these guys to loosen you up before and help recovery after. Also, PHG will be supplying a concert quality music system and heart thumping... song selection to
  7. Body Marking Matters
    29 Dec, 2015
    Body Marking Matters
    So, to be serious for a moment, here's the deal.  If you want to stand on the soap box of inclusion and diversity, you need to do it in every facet that you can.  This doesn't just mean spouting the words, but it means showing it in your actions as well.  This is one of the driving forces behind our decision to use body marking tattoos on race day.  The traditional sharpie marker is great, but in the end it doesn't cut the mustard anymore.  As more participants from different walks of life
  8. Game Changing Transition
    15 Dec, 2015
    Game Changing Transition
    We have said before and will say again, triathlon is a 5 leg race, not a 3 leg race.  Even though 2 of those are very short, in the form of T1 and T2, those times still matter and can be maximized with very little additional training in contrast to the swim, bike, or run.  Here's the problem, though, Transition is sort of a convoluted place.  Lots of problems can occur in reference to your equipment.  You may have arrived early, meticulously set up your equipment in a prime location, and be
  9. Water Quality Report for Creve Coeur Lake
    03 Dec, 2015
    Excellent Water Quality
    As the word gets out more and more about this great race, people are asking about the water quality of the lake. This is an important question and we want to be as upfront about it as possible, we also realize that being safe is vital, but so is KNOWING that you are safe. The key here is to remember that just because you have heard something in the past, doesn't mean it is true or factual or current. There are lots of questions, so let’s take them one by one and address them with associated
  10. Swim Course
    15 Nov, 2015
    Swim Course
    Swimming is scary.  People are inherently terrestrial animals lacking fins and gills, thus you would have to be a CRAZY PERSON to agree to do a swim in a lake.  Well luckily triathletes are crazy people!!  That said, you still want knowledge of your swim course before the day of the event!!  So, we asked St. Louis County Parks, who gave us a thumbs up, and we laid out our swim buoys for all to see.  Buoys every 100 meters, minimized turns for maximum efficiency, and on race day they will be
  11. USAT Para-Friendly Sanctioned
    09 Oct, 2015
    USAT Para-Friendly Sanctioned
    Lots of athletes participate in triathlon, and at each level you can see examples of strength that are often unparalleled in any other sport.  One example of this is para-triathletes.  These brave men and women face the same training challenges, ups and downs, and desire to be better than yesterday as every athlete, but do so through far more difficult physical barriers.  It is with indescribable pride that we are able to become the first USAT Para-Friendly sanctioned triathlon in Missouri.  We
  12. Hollywood Casino St. Louis
    24 Sep, 2015
    Hollywood Casino St. Louis
    HUGE NEWS!!! Hollywood Casino St. Louis has agreed to serve as the host hotel for the Inaugural St. Louis Triathlon!!!  This means we will have an outstanding Expo for you, our participants, that can be enjoyed as well as discounted rates for athletes traveling in to visit our beautiful city!! You can find lots more information right HERE.
  13. Welcome from the Mayor!
    22 Sep, 2015
    Welcome from the Mayor!
    The Inaugural St. Louis Triathlon is honored to receive a welcome from the mayor of Maryland Heights, Mike Moeller..  In a world where cyclists especially are not always made to feel welcome, it is quite a pleasure to know our host city is enthusiastically behind us!!  Check out the video HERE!!