Wht I Tri
Rich Adams
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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    26 Feb, 2016
    All our participants who registered before 12/31/15 know that they will be receiving a little extra in their swag bag in the form of custom STL Tri socks from SockGuy. Do you want a pair - or a 2nd pair?? Here's you chance Send us an email to info@mseracing.com with the subject of "WHY I TRI". Tell us your story. Whether you are a veteran of triathlon or this is your first race, we want to hear what inspires you and what keeps you going to do this crazy thing of Swimming, Biking, AND Running.
  2. The Spectator's Contribution
    25 Jan, 2016
    The Spectator's Contribution
    So many people have to come together to produce a triathlon.  You need volunteers, municipal police and ambulance services, directors and workers, and of course participants.  And as we sing the praises of these people we sometimes forget that many of the folks who get participants to the start line and the finish line are our beloved spectators. These unsung heroes of racing are the ones who support us on bad days, congratulate us on good ones, and sit patiently as we traverse miles upon
  3. Standard Brewing Company
    12 Jan, 2016
    Standard Brewing Company Joining the Inaugural St. Louis Triathlon!!
    St. Louis is a BEER City.  Hops and barley run thick through our veins!!  Taking this rich culture in mind, we ensured that we included a pilsner in the swag bag.  We patted ourselves on the back, laughed heartily, and had a frosty beverage to celebrate our ingenuity.  Sadly, though, we made the important realization that an empty pilsner in a beer city is no good at all.  We retracted our back-patting, no longer laughed, stowed our frosty beverages and got to work.  In walked the hero of our